The new RPG game? Square Enix’s new RPG project called Project Prelude Rune

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The Square Enix Group is constantly working on the creation of new IPs to constantly deliver new gaming experiences to game fans all over the world.

Hideo BabaStudio Istria“, which was founded around newly participating creators, is a new studio that Mr. Hideo Baba will serve as representative director. We are planning to gather a wide range of human resources from the industry, specializing in creating new IPs and working on “Project Prelude Rune” under an independent development environment.

“Project Prelude Rune” is a completely new IP RPG, meaning “Prelude Rune” (precursor of mystery) is put in at the launch of this new IP, and it is listed as a project name.

Project Prelude Rune Logo

Some art works for this new project:

Square Enix Project Prelude Rune art works 1


Square Enix Project Prelude Rune art works 2


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The basic skills and simple review for newbie players in Madden NFL 17 game

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With the EA team experiencing criticism from users of the Madden 16, the 17th version came with most of the features improved. The game starting is the same with the display of the current whistles and bells, although the game orientation has seen positive impacts. Of course, the challengers are more tactical and the levels difficult to achieve. This madden 17 review outlines the best and worst of this game.

madden nfl 17 simple review

Remarkable Features

  • New Commentators
    In an effort to modernize the commentating dictionary, Brandon Gaudin and Davis Charles are the new team. They come in with the current conversation that focus more on pure football rather than the usual mixed conversation by the previous team.Game TacticsAlthough this was expected, madden 17 has more to offer for the players. For instance, the defense squad has better gap-closing accuracy with the playing space becoming more real. In addition, the reception at the quarter back is effective especially when you have contact with the opponents. When pursuing a ball carrier, you can create fumbles, making the game more interesting and tactical.

    Unlike in the previous versions, you can block field scores thanks to the improved game physics. The animations include real graphics that renders better than the 16th version. As for player’s performance, the game relates this to the specific abilities and physical well-being. The rest of the gameplay features are similar or with insignificant improvements.

  • Accessories Details
    In an effort to make the game look newer, the accessory store in the Madden 17 is better and detailed. There are new Brands and a larger stock of helmets and cleats that you can use to customize the players. After every game, you have access to the statistical overlays with all the relevant information. Most of the detailing focuses on giving the game a real look.
  • Impact Sounds and Player Statistics
    The madden 17 review also records the sound customization that is based on the impacts and the decision making procedure for you as the coach. You can now detect the intensity of a tackle based on the sound produced, which makes you organize your team based on the opponents’ strong and weak players. With the Big Decision tab in place, you have a better approach on the connected Franchise aspects of the game. Other additions in this case include the Play the Moments feature that creates a much interesting player performance especially in the offense and defense areas.

madden nfl 17 guide

Areas That Need Improvement

  • Game Highlights
    The halftime game highlights are not as accurate and relevant as they should be. Lack of consistency is evident as the commentator ends up describing mild details or is totally out of topic.
  • Gameplay Realities
    Injuries and unreliable clock stoppage times lower the rating of madden 17 reviews. You can play an entire season with no record of injuries, which is illogical especially for the offensive linesman.
  • Player Customization
    Although there have been some improvements, the limitations and restriction reduce this efficiency.
  • Final Verdict
    From this madden 17 review, it is evident that the game is much better in terms of gameplay and the real-time approach. However, if EA Sports addresses the shortcomings, the game would get more real and natural than it is now.

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Useful tips for newbie of NBA live mobile game

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NBA Live Mobile is a great game for all the basketball lovers. It offers brilliant gameplay and also an opportunity for you to try out your managerial skills. Some tips and tricks are:

nba live mobile newbie guide

1. Start with the basic: When you are just starting out, you will have to choose a team. Make sure that you choose the right team. However, before going all out to buy the best player, make sure that the chemistry and coordination between your players is good. It is much better to have a well coordinated team rather than a few big names. However, there is also an option to change your team later on. It is slightly hidden in the Menu and that’s why many people miss it. Just visit the ‘ Options’ column, you will find it in the 2nd row.

2. Upgrade: You should always try to upgrade as much as possible. Even if your team is playing well, they can always get better. In case of many games, it is better to wait for some time and then go for a massive upgrade. However, here you upgrade whenever you can afford.

3. Try out the auction: NBA Live Mobile also has an auction market where you can buy new players for your squad or replace the weaker ones. Like most auction markets, it is always fluctuating and hence you have to stay very alert. Every 5 minutes, the page refreshes and a new set of player arrives. You should aim to bid as late as possible. Because bidding early will lead to a bidding war, and you may end up paying a hefty sum.

build your team in nba live mobile

4. Use the ‘ AutoPlay’ Option: It is not always possible to play the game due to work, study or any other reason. Thankfully, there is the ‘ AutoPlay’ feature. In the ‘ AutoPlay’ option, you just have to set the strategy and then the match will be played on its own. It is a great and quick way to earn more points.

5. Check the players stats: Like most games, NBA Live Mobile also follows the three tier system. Gold players are the best, followed by silver and bronze. The overall rating of each player is denoted by a number. There are ratings for separate skills as well like attacking and defending. Instead of looking at the overall rating, you should always go through the ratings separately. If you are looking for a defensive player, it will be best to check the defense rating first and then the overall rating.

6. Team Building: In order to build your team, you need to get as many player packs as possible. You can spend real currency to buy packs, but it’s not possible for everyone to spend real money. You can try out the ‘ Obstacle Drill’, where you will get coins or free packs after successful completion of each obstacle. You should also try out the ‘Practice’ option, even if you don’t need it. It gets you more coins or packs. After you have built your team, you should next focus on the formation. If you don’t have much knowledge about the game, it will be better to stick with the default formation initially. Gradually, you can try out new formations and find out what’s best for you.

strong player card is the most important thing in nba live mobile

7. For a card collecting game, you need to buy some strong player card to build your team. For this point you need to buy some nba live mobile coins to make you have enough money the build your team.

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